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Сверлильно-присадочный станок Startech cn

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Сверлильно-присадочный станок Startech cn
Startech cn is the new and compact CNC universal drilling machine for woodworking shops and craftsmen. The 7 independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X” and the possibility to drill in “Y”, make the drilling head flexible and ideal for batch-one furniture productions.


effective: The drilling head positioned above the panel allows a precise machining with a reliable reference.

versatile: Thanks to the 7 independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X”, the possibility to drill in “Y”, finished furniture elements can be produced without having to adjust the bits and with no operator’s intervention for the worktable and machine set-up according to the panels dimensions.

easy and intuitive: NC control with 7" colour touch-screen display and self-diagnosis/signaling system of errors or damages. Head tooling and machining cycle programming without using any mouse or keyboard and with automatic optimization. Possibility to save and import drilling programs by USB key.

Технические характеристики

startech cn
Max./min. work piece dimensions X-Y-Zmm3050x800x50/300x90x10
Drilling/blade working areamm0x800/0x800
Max. speed X-Y axesm/min25
Vertical spindlesno.7 (4X+3Y)
Horizontal spindles along Y/X axisno.2 (1+1)/1
Blade, diameter/thicknessmm100/5
Motor powerkW (hp)1,5 (2)
Spindles/blade rotation speedrpm3350/4300
Installed motor powerkva4,5

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